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Endeavor is 1,200 plus acres ready for development, including residential, commercial, and public spaces, plus 750 acres set aside for an industrial park. Endeavor is located in the heart of Jackson County — almost a thousand square miles of unspoiled land where both families and industries have prospered since 1822. The site sits next to Interstate 10 in a logistics crossroads on the Gulf Coast. Modern infrastructure, a ready workforce, and a surprising business environment make this a perfect location for growth.



Florida Public Utilities:
12.47 kV distribution line onsite

Natural gas:

Florida Gas Transmission Company: 4-inch line


City of Marianna Wastewater Treatment Plant: 12-inch line


City of Marianna: 12-inch line with 4.108 mgd available capacity


Century Link: Infrastructure onsite

Emergency Services:

ISO-4 rated fire department protection 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

Map of Endeavor Park
  • Residential

    Public and Private Housing Development

  • Commercial

    Commercial and Mixed-Use Development

  • Public

    LE (Sheriff, Temp holding), Local Gov, Autism non-profit

  • Industrial

    Manufacturing, Distribution

  • Conservation

  • Mixed-Use

Map of Endeavor Park

Market Access

Endeavor Park is strategically located to be a distribution hub reaching from South Florida to Memphis and the rest of the Southeast United States within eight hours.

By Land: I-10 < 1 Mile

Access to the site is through HWY 276, Kynesville Rd. with Interstate 10 less than a mile away. Interstates 65 and 75 can be accessed in less than three hours to the Northwest and Northeast, respectively. Two-lane highways with controlled intersections provide access from the east and west, and north into Alabama.

By Seas: 54 Miles

The Port Panama City is situated on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, with access to the Gulf of Mexico. The Port boasts a 36-foot deep channel and berthing areas. It includes 138 acres of land on Dyers Point, just off US 98, and the 250-acre Intermodal Distribution Center, about 10 miles to the northeast on US 231.

By Air: 44 Miles

Dothan Regional Airport (DHN) offers daily scheduled non-stop jet service to Atlanta, provided by Delta connection regional service ExpressJet. DHN provides the convenience of two runways, the longest of which is 8,500ft.

Marianna Municipal Airport is less than nine miles away and consists of two 100-foot wide intersecting runways, one 4,900 feet long and the other 6,000 feet long.

Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport in Panama City and Tallahassee International Airport, Florida are 56 and 66 miles away, respectively.

Air travel time to Endeavor Park Air travel time to Endeavor Park

Good Company

The site borders the Mariana/Jackson County Distribution/Construction Services Park. This Gulf Power certified “Florida First” site features two industrial parks in one complex: A 160-acre parcel dedicated to distribution services and 53 acres devoted to construction services. The second-largest building in Florida, the Family Dollar distribution center, is located here.

NextStep at Endeavor Academy

Empowering Independence for Adults with Autism

NextStep at Endeavor Academy is a program being launched by the Jackson County along with Endeavor Forward, Inc., a Florida-based not-for-profit which supports the development and operations of an autism transition, vocational and residential program as part of an inclusive community where the benefits of educating and employing individuals with autism are broadly understood, supported and valued.

The training program for adults with autism at Endeavor will be a community-integrated program within the planned Endeavor Park community in Marianna, Florida and broader Jackson County community.

Residential Housing Development

Over 300 acres are available for residential housing development through a Public/Private partnership. Jackson County is growing, and new neighborhoods are in demand.

Jackson County History Museum

Design and engineering work is underway to convert an existing 10,144 sqft Park building into a museum. This modern facility will feature exhibits and displays, reflecting Jackson county’s history. In addition to the interior, plans will allow for an outdoor event space with exhibits that pay homage to the county’s agricultural legacy.

Jackson County Convention Center

Another 16,000 sqft Park building is being reengineered and redesigned as a modern meeting facility. This flexible, multi-use convention center will provide a safe and comfortable assembly space for a variety of organizations.


Approximately one million-plus people live within a 60-mile radius of Jackson County, plus a civilian labor shed of more than 520,000. This energetic, motivated, and productive workforce is capable of meeting any employer’s needs.


Jackson County has a “B” rated public school district, four “A” rated schools, and a strong workforce education commitment.

Chipola College in Marianna has a rich tradition of strong academic and workforce programs, with an outstanding faculty committed to developing each student’s full potential for success. Four-year degrees and workforce certifications are available.

Several world-class educational institutions are within 65 miles of Jackson County, including Florida State University.

50-Mile Radius



Jackson County



40Median Age

-15% Below Nation AverageCost of Living


Jackson County is located in a Governor-designated Rural Area of Opportunity. To enhance job growth and business expansion in these rural counties, the state and local governments provide incentives to attract new and higher-wage employment opportunities in creative ways.

Endeavor Park is located within a Federal New Market Tax Credit zone providing unique financial benefits to fund new businesses.

The State of Florida and Jackson County offer liberal tax rates. There is no state income tax; the corporate income tax rate is 5.5%; retail sales tax is 7.5%; gasoline tax is $0.07 per gallon; intangible tax is 1.5 mills per dollar. The 2016 real estate tax millage for all three sites was 13.6113 mills for properties located in the county jurisdiction area. The same millage is used for “tangible personal property” (equipment) in the county jurisdiction area.

Land cost in the County is historically below many other markets. Possible land parcels may be granted to a new or expanding employer who commits to a high number of new jobs at above- average wages with a large capital investment in the expansion or relocation project.

Rebates may be granted by Jackson County and City of Marianna on the general revenue portion and for both real estate and personal property, at the discretion of each of those governing boards, based upon the economic impact that the proposed new business will have on the community and region.

This program offers an incentive for eligible businesses located within one of 36 designated Qualified Rural Areas to create new jobs. The tax credit ranges from $1,000 to $1,500 per qualified employee and can be taken against either the Florida Corporate Income Tax or the Florida Sales and Use Tax. (FL Statute section 212.098)

This program provides for a sales tax exemption (6%) on natural gas energy used in the manufacturing and production of certain tangible personal property of certain SIC. This is based on average minimum amount of gross purchase amount per month, figured for up to a 10-year period.

The Incumbent Worker Training Program provides grant funding for customized training for existing for-profit businesses.

An inducement program for job creation and retention. In addition to actual employee training, the grant may cover the cost of acquiring specialized equipment, retaining an instructor, and provision of a training facility (if required) necessary for the conduct of the training program.

Jackson County

Jackson County, Florida, is quietly situated in Northwest Florida, one hour west of Tallahassee and one hour north of Panama City. Jackson County is a place of abundant natural beauty where a rich history meets dynamic growth. It offers access to a high quality of life for outdoor and water enthusiasts, historians, artists, and athletes. We address the needs of the mind, body, and soul. Locals boast of beautiful natural resources, including rivers, caves, and woodlands. Canopy oak trees and rolling hills surround gorgeous historic homes and spring fed rivers. Those seeking a community that offers well-rounded opportunities while maintaining a small-town feel will feel at home in Jackson County.

How We Help

The Jackson County Economic Development Committee is standing ready to help you find your place here in Jackson County, Florida. Jackson EDC is the lead economic development organization in the county. We are focused on helping with site selection, incentives, workforce recruitment, training, and whatever else you need to succeed here.